Saturday, March 24, 2018

After years of searching for a book or magazine that portrayed a realistic view of all types of women in the craft/art/entrepreneurial world - not just Caucasian women who are friends/associates/creators with other Caucasian women. 

While I have nothing against these scenarios, it just gets boring to see books and magazines pretending that no one else creates in this world but them and the occasional Africa-American, Asian or other race creator that they include to throw us a bone! 

What a breath of fresh air to find 'In the Company of Women'!!! A thousand thanks to Ms. Bonney for giving us a beautiful birds eye view into so many different creative and inspirational women. And, for me, different is the marvelous keyword! All ages, races, backgrounds, focuses and pursuits (just like real life!) 

It's a smorgasbord of talent. Just looking at the beautiful photographs (Sasha Israel) of these incredible women you can feel their strength, hard won success and their passion for what they do! I will be going over this book again and again because finally I have found what I have been searching for! Ms. Bonney, you've filled my empty cup by producing a book that takes us into a future were ALL creative women, can and do, keep company!

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